prevent the iron from damaging with the

Hair straightener a indispensable daily product, it is very helpful for us, change the hair straight casually. Hair straightener is sought after by consumers because the function of changing hairstyle, to keep up with the fashion. There are a lot of hair straighteners from different brands manufacturers in the world, so you can not judge which brand is the best. Through a piece of report, and find people are favor with GHD straightener and CHI Iron.

Actually, GHD straighteners and CHI Iron have led a revolution with technology, to set off innovational storm in the field of flat irons. GHD, comes from UK, it broke out the traditional technology that the hair straightener only be used to change hair straight, however, the technical designers developed the performance of GHD, increased the function of curling hair, make the hair diversification.

And CHI Iron in order to expand its function, fused ‘Nano Silver’ technology, the major spokesman introduced, the innovation of CHI made the whole products would superior to other flat iron, also have the functions of sterilize and kill bacteria.However, which kind of hair straightener is better than the other on earth?

Compare the GHD MK4 to CHI Turbo. With the good reputation, GHD together with CHI Iron are popular with people, they own their fans of products, and have sturdy brand loyal, so if want to tell GHD straighteners from CHI Iron, that quite difficult to say. So let us try to find out the differences between ghd hair straighteners GHD straightener and CHI Iron.

At first, through designing to distinguish.

Use the newest designed technical theory of ergonomic grip, to allow you to straighten hair more convenience. Although the new products are not fashionable enough in the similar products, their new feature can make up the flaw. Additionally, designing of controls make iron easier to turn on or turn off.

However every coins has two sides, sometimes you will accidentally turn them on/off. Make a survey, and find GHD straighteners more fashionable, more attractive. The set of ghd iv controls is more safety, they are on the top side of the bottom grip. Of course, the design of rounded barrels have an effect on hair to become curl. So generally speaking, consider the surface and safety, GHD straighteners are better than CHI Iron.

The reflected time of heat-up for CHI Turbo and GHD Mk4 flat iron is short, only in seconds. Regardless of CHI Iron or GHD straighteners, their heat controls are classified three kinds: high, mid and low. However GHD straigjteners are possible to win again because of temperature control: GHD MK4 may prevent the iron from damaging with the condition of swinging if the room temperature is lower than 5 degree C. Therefore, GHD is winner.

CHI Turbo is worth of 120 dollars, indeed can not be considered cheap. But when you enquire the price of GHD, you will not accept, the unit price of GHD is ghd hair nearly twice the price of the CHI Turbo. Is it worthy of paying so much for a hair straighteners, maybe there are many people will hold the denial attitude.

What kind of hair straightens is perfect in you heart?

For us, it is impossible to make a judgment. Because the GHD MK4 and the CHI Turbo flat iron are similar if sum all of condition. Because brand loyalty, most consumers are keen on purchasing the favorite brands.



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