relationship, is very good

Although went to the political consultative conference, secretary of chitin, and willows of the secretary of the alliance still exist. The city of cadres of butyl yulan and liu department can really be in harmony is an organic whole, cadres, regardless of one another.

“I also agree. To be honest, our policy in the continuity, is some problems. Often replaced a main leadership, many policy ghd purple indulgence ghd mk4 black change, caused many very unnecessary waste. And also easy to cause the people to the government has led psychology, think our policy not credible. Therefore, in the form of martial law fixed down, it is very necessary.”

The municipal party committee organization minister FanZhiWei said.

FanZhiWei and LiuJun relationship, is very good. LiuJun also in river area appoint secretary was at the time, and then the financial standing deputy of FanZhiWei get along very well. The LiuJun comments on FanZhiWei will coming yulan city, entrusts with an organization department long task, FanZhiWei be grateful. No matter whether his heart really approve of contained the this policy. But LiuJun since said such firm attitude, as liu is conveyed, natural will all other thoughts slam the full support of the drop, the secretary.

And FanZhiWei say is reasonable also, did not unprincipled black ghd BaoTuan.

“Liu secretary, li mayor, I talk about this now

The new &secretary of LiuYu said with a smile.

Several vision to shoot him to come over, which ZhongYongMing look especially dissatisfaction. The reason does not have him, standing in LiuYu, always will “lee mayor” and “liu secretary” comparable. All of the standing committee, including the propaganda minister WuXingPing and river area cheap ghd outlet appoint secretary QiHongMing inside. The standing committee never call “liu secretary only.” Never in liu secretary behind plus “mayor li” the suffix.

In the standing committee of municipal party committee secretary of municipal party committee, stressing the different also is necessary. Everybody to want to take this opportunity to cook in the standing committee of the lee of a common position the appearance of extrusion. Spoken parts in an opera is also the officialdom of small trick.

LiuJun’s don’t care deeply about them, and to the LiuYu nodded his head. For he ghd hair added.

“I am in favor of the legislation, however, is brave, wait for a period of time, see the citizens how white ghd evaluation this policy, to collect some different opinions of the material, the good discuss again, followed in order LiuYu legislation is said with a smile, tone, and is very soft,” after all, bad legislation once changed. Laws need to change and is not serious, well, a”




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