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Zhang Chen-Wen Liu Jun alert If you insist on going, it can only be said ghd sale to be asking for trouble. Such a wise man, how could such a mistake? Liu Jun smiles: “We are not only fellow, and is the same clan of the tribe, although the blood relationship for a long time. But grew up in a village grow up. Relations are very good The. “” There is such a big boss clan, did you in charge of Youth Foundation, it is too correct, and we all follow-dipping! “Chen Wen Zhang ghd pretty in pink laughed, and Liu Jun joked. Being laughed Liu Jun, the conversation became very pleasant atmosphere. “Chapter secretary, I tell you that in person to protect the mother river of the green movement. Very much agree. To Dali said. Called the long-term goal and vision, not too much. If done. Called ages exploits.” Joke a while, cut out the question, Liu Jun, said. Chen Wen smiled and waved Zhang, Liu Jun appreciation to show the meaning of humility, then his face becomes a little serious. Said: “Liu Shuji, if I agree with you that, of course, my personal strength is negligible, but Chinas environmental protection. Soil and water conservation, for some time, is indeed inadequate attention to this issue. If we do not attach importance to, it will affect the overall! “Chen Wen Zhang hear the question referred to the environmental protection, Liu Chun smile, complete convergence of the nod, Chen Sheng said:” Chapter secretarys remarks is absolutely right.

Because for years, ignoring ghd midnight collection gift set environmental protection, led to many serious problems. For example, land desertification in northern tendencies. more and more serious, the capital of the region sandstorms. occur with increasing frequency. the degree of getting worse. these issues. If you do not attract much attention, not how long will burst very serious consequences. “Zhang Chen Wen nodded, his face and flashed a hint of frustration then the color, heavy, said:” insufficient attention to, ah, most peoples ghd outlet minds, but also behind the times, “Youre welcome to say, including my party some high-ranking cadre! “for the chapter Chen Wens frustration, Liu Jun is very understanding. Although he and Zhang Chen Wen, have been a ministerial ranking official, but for such global issues, or do not have much right to speak . “chapter secretary, I guess Ill ranging from the first action. “Said Liu Jun is resolutely. Zhang Chen Wen suddenly aroused, his eyes light up, the body slightly forward, seriously said:” Liu Shuji what a good way? Im all ears arrival time is not long Liu Jun, Zhang Chen Wen on his understanding is not very deep. Liu Jun, but calm personality, never casually on the floor in the event, it certainly made the temper, Zhang Wen-chen is quite clear. Liu ghd black Jun has said both, must be a grain of truth. “I suggest ghd precious gift set to the name of the Central Committee, the establishment of an Environmental Protection Fund, vested in the Youth Development Foundation management.

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